• Wars
  • Inflation
  • Energy Crisis
  • Climate Warming
  • Famine
  • Violence
  • Racism
  • Poverty
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Change Labs
Change the World with Web3
πŸ‘‹ Let's CHANGE this world together!

Our Mission


Shits & Shitbeasts, Ape's imitations being epidemic, numerous yacht clubs, speculative bubble and FOMO... It seems like NFT world's creativity is dying.

Instead of making it happen, we give our definition of NFT art. There should be much more projects presenting great ideas in countless creative ways. Various global issues we are facing today are caused by endless human desire. We can change the world and advance our human society for a better life with Web3.

Let's stick together to enjoy and explore, to maximize the impact of NFT community. So do you think that everyone has the responsibility to advance society? In addition to utilizing NFT and blockchain technology, we invite the world's most renowned brands, scholars, and celebrities to voice in public spaces like curatorial exhibitions, forums and offline salons. We also sincerely invite every unique of you.

To be a Zelensky

In response to the protracted Russo-Ukrainian war, we have created πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦10000 Zelenskys Club NFT.The 10,000 different faces of Zelensky show us the history and culture of Ukraine. This NFT set will be released soon.

Our Team


As a team, we are true believers of decentralization and Web3.

We are a global group of artists, developers, ideologues, and ecosystem builders.

Let's Talk


In Touch

We provide consultant services to empower artists who want to create NFT to change the world and move society forward.

We are also willing to cooperate with responsible companies or brands to achieve better CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and gain a great reputation.